Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cryptocurrency mining?

Cryprocurrencies cannot exist without mining, this is how they are created. The following video explains the concept of mining for cryptocurrencies in a very simple way-

Why should I mine cryptocurrency on my web browser?

Crypto browser mining offers the following benefits:

How long should I run the crypto web miner?

We recommend running it all day every day! The longer you run it the more you will earn. Make sure you press the start button and don’t close your browser window.

Can I use my computer while the crypto web miner is running?

Yes. As long as you keep a window open with the start button pressed it will continue to run earning you money around the clock on complete auto pilot.

Does it cost any money to get started mining crypto?

No! It’s completely free to get started and once you press start on your dashboard, you immediately start earning money.

How much can I earn using my computer browser to mine cryptocurrencies?

This will depend on your computers speed and internet but great money can be made by the hour, day, month, etc mining cryptocurrency.

What is crypto contract?

A crypto contract is a set time where crypto is mined and pooled together during the contract period. Once the contract period has been reached, clients may withdraw their mined funds to their desired withdrawal option.

How can I earn more by referring others to mine using their computers?

Our referral program is where the most amount of commissions are earned. Mining just yourself using your computers browser is great but there isn’t a way to scale. By using the referral link in the dashboard of your account, you can refer unlimited numbers of clients under you. Each client that mines crypto will earn you ongoing commission from their mining allowing unlimited profit to be earned.

How do I get Paid?

We offer many payment options such as bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, etc. Please click the “Payment” link when logged in to set this in your account.

I still have questions, where can I get help?

Please click the “contact” page to send us an email.